Who's Running for NCSA's Elections on Friday?

Friday February 12th from 8am to 4pm the NCSA elections for next school years president, vice president, and student trustees will take place in the Ponzio Campus Center! 


Marissa Neitzke

Being the special events coordinator for NCSA this year, I’ve already been working on the inclusivity and safety for all Northland students participating in NCSA events. As president, I’ll try to extend this goal through the entirety of campus. This would include gaining higher participation numbers at Northland clubs, sporting, fine arts, SOEI, and NCSA events. My goals also include the continuation of better campus-wide communication overall. 

Vice President: 

Jason Rabotski

My name is Jason Rabotski and I am a junior majoring in Sustainable Community Development and Natural Resources. This past year I have had the opportunity to serve as a Sustainability Representative on NCSA. I feel NCSA is about connecting the Northland community, bringing students closer together, and ensuring all voices are heard. For the lecture series, I would like to bring in a variety of exciting lecturers that appeal to the entire Northland community. I hope as Vice President I am able to meet the needs of the Northland community, and help people create the change they wish to see on campus. 

Sadie Schmitt

In my two years at Northland College, I have served as a Fenenga Senator in NCSA. I think I would be a great fit for Vice President of NCSA because I am active in and passionate about the Northland Community, and am willing to put forth the effort to listen to, report, and help to create pathways toward accomplishing the ideas & goals of all Northland College Students. Thank you! 

Michaela Fisher

Michaela Fisher is a junior at Northland College studying natural resources and writing. She is an avid supporter of NCSA and previously acted as senator for Mead when she lived there. Now as a resident of Gaia’s Cradle, she wants to take the next step and accept the role of vice presidency. She has been an FYE leader for over two years, and would love to have the opportunity to organize the everybody party for this year’s freshmen. Michaela believes in letting all voices be heard on campus, and balancing everyone’s unique needs and visions for NCSA. If elected, she will be committed to representing her student body and supporting their best interests. She knows that every student has the power to shape Northland’s future, and becoming vice president will help her continue to create a Northland that she can be proud of.

Student Trustees:

Matthew Koszuta

Hey everyone! If you do not know me, my name is Matthew Koszuta and this is my second year at Northland. My basic premise for running as Student Trustee for the next two years is that I am compelled to see Northland College succeed as an institution in promoting the values students seek to develop and promote by attending college here. The Board of Trustees hears the student voice and are working to develop Northland, as an institution well past our four-years (or so) here. I will work to present the needs and ideas of you all and ideally work towards creating a community that does not have the divides between students that many of us recognize and are trying to bridge. Hopefully you will let me represent you in promoting a more unified environment while seeking a sustainable and evolving future. Thank you!