Wild & Scenic Film Festival Coming to Campus

Join us for an afternoon of films at the upcoming Wild & Scenic Film Festival! Co-sponsored with the Bayfield Regional Conservancy, there will be films, speakers, food, drinks, raffle prizes as well as a $5 suggested donation at the door. 
For more information visit the Northland College Student Association facebook page, stop by the NCSA office or email ncsa@northland.edu

See you on the 29th!

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2016-2017 Election Results

Congratulations to our new senate members and representatives!

Fenenga: JD DeBruin, Sean Connors, Michelle Morency, Emma Vandergeest, Mary Sellars

McMillan: Erica Anderson, Alexis Headley, Jennifer Franke, Alastair Merton

MELLC: Austin Balfany, Harley Kinney

Memorial: Vince Karr, Clair Emmons, Hannah Figgins

Mead: Marley Pietz, Paige Crenshaw

Off Campus: Michael McCullough, Jakob Sulzer

Themehouse: Kinsey Neal

Townhouse: Ellie Zimmer

Academic Counsel: Marina Hein, Claire Rupnow

Alumni Board: Stuart Schmidt

Athletic Advisory Board: Emily Romuald

SOEI: Thryn Hare

Sustainability: Alec Drachenberg, Jay Routheau

Planning Council: Sadie Schmitt

Student Trustees: Sam Anderson, Matthew Koszuta

Election Results!


*Marissa Neitzke – 175

Emily Donaldson – 24

Sadie Schmitt – 1

Vice President

*Michaela Fisher – 62

Matt Hoszko – 56

Sadie Schmitt – 56

Jason Rabotski – 31

Vince Karr – 1

Sam Anderson

 Student Trustee

*Matthew Kosutza – 163

Jay Routheau - 38

Isa – 3

Thank you to all who voted and who ran!

Voter Turnout =  215/600 = 36%

Who's Running for NCSA's Elections on Friday?

Friday February 12th from 8am to 4pm the NCSA elections for next school years president, vice president, and student trustees will take place in the Ponzio Campus Center! 


Marissa Neitzke

Being the special events coordinator for NCSA this year, I’ve already been working on the inclusivity and safety for all Northland students participating in NCSA events. As president, I’ll try to extend this goal through the entirety of campus. This would include gaining higher participation numbers at Northland clubs, sporting, fine arts, SOEI, and NCSA events. My goals also include the continuation of better campus-wide communication overall. 

Vice President: 

Jason Rabotski

My name is Jason Rabotski and I am a junior majoring in Sustainable Community Development and Natural Resources. This past year I have had the opportunity to serve as a Sustainability Representative on NCSA. I feel NCSA is about connecting the Northland community, bringing students closer together, and ensuring all voices are heard. For the lecture series, I would like to bring in a variety of exciting lecturers that appeal to the entire Northland community. I hope as Vice President I am able to meet the needs of the Northland community, and help people create the change they wish to see on campus. 

Sadie Schmitt

In my two years at Northland College, I have served as a Fenenga Senator in NCSA. I think I would be a great fit for Vice President of NCSA because I am active in and passionate about the Northland Community, and am willing to put forth the effort to listen to, report, and help to create pathways toward accomplishing the ideas & goals of all Northland College Students. Thank you! 

Michaela Fisher

Michaela Fisher is a junior at Northland College studying natural resources and writing. She is an avid supporter of NCSA and previously acted as senator for Mead when she lived there. Now as a resident of Gaia’s Cradle, she wants to take the next step and accept the role of vice presidency. She has been an FYE leader for over two years, and would love to have the opportunity to organize the everybody party for this year’s freshmen. Michaela believes in letting all voices be heard on campus, and balancing everyone’s unique needs and visions for NCSA. If elected, she will be committed to representing her student body and supporting their best interests. She knows that every student has the power to shape Northland’s future, and becoming vice president will help her continue to create a Northland that she can be proud of.

Student Trustees:

Matthew Koszuta

Hey everyone! If you do not know me, my name is Matthew Koszuta and this is my second year at Northland. My basic premise for running as Student Trustee for the next two years is that I am compelled to see Northland College succeed as an institution in promoting the values students seek to develop and promote by attending college here. The Board of Trustees hears the student voice and are working to develop Northland, as an institution well past our four-years (or so) here. I will work to present the needs and ideas of you all and ideally work towards creating a community that does not have the divides between students that many of us recognize and are trying to bridge. Hopefully you will let me represent you in promoting a more unified environment while seeking a sustainable and evolving future. Thank you!

Last Lecture Nominations Are In!

Last Lecture voting will take place on Friday, February 12th in the Ponzio Campus Center from 8am - 4pm! Here are all the professors that were nominated: 

Cynthia Belmont - English

“Cynthia is a supportive and inspiring faculty member who puts her all into her students. She is passionate about her work and helping students learn and she has certainly helped me find my passion as well.”

“She's an amazing speaker and has been a thriving voice at Northland College”

Joseph Damrell - Social Sciences

“Much like any senior faculty member, Joseph Damrell has been a cornerstone to the Northland College campus by teaching a wide variety of courses with an unmatched academic, but approachable attitude. A last lecture during his last year would seem most fitting, and would be surely a lecture to remember for both us, and his closing with the campus.”

Charlene D'Cruz - Sociology

“Charlene is an amazing example of work that can be done for the betterment of society. She's an amazingly engaging speaker and is very real about her topics. Charlene doesn't just talk at her audience, she speaks with them and always brings forth applicable issues.”

Cindy Dillenschnieder - OED

“Cindy is the embodiment of integrity and passion. She spends so much of her time and energy to deliver meaningful and applicable curriculum to all students. Not only that, but she connects with her students and pushes them to embrace their own creativity and passions. Her absence this fall semester was felt by more than just the Northland community but within the larger community as well. Her return this winter semester shows her dedication to our school and the students lives that she changes. Cindy is an incredible professor, mentor, and person and her presentation at the last lecture would be powerful and incredible.”

Tim Doyle - Philosophy

“He is the G.O.A.T.”

Tom Fitz - Geology


“Tom inspires me to learn about the physical world.”

“He is a phenomenal professor, and a large part of why I am still at Northland”

Bruce Goetz - Geology

“Bruce has been at Northland a long time, not quite geologically long, but still good long while.  Throughout his time here, he has cared deeply about students and our education.  This is his last year here and it would be wonderful to hear his thoughts and message.”

“A) he has the best stories B) We won't as a student body get to hear them after this year and C) he has more than enough to say to fill a lecture.”

“Because he's retiring”

“He is retiring soon and I would love to hear some stories.”

“Bruce has been teaching at Northland for 47 years. His love of geoscience and teaching is eminent in every lecture and field experience he gives to students. His devotion to the science is obvious both in the number of years he has been here and the effort he has put in to make the department and school a better place. Northland is better for having had Bruce as a professor here and he will be greatly missed. A last lecture from him will allow a proper goodbye from him to the students, school, and the science.”

“It's his last year before retirement!”

“He has been a member of the Northland community for decades.  It would be a pleasure to hear him lecture one last time before his retirement”

“It his last year at northland and will be his last lecture”

“He is retiring this year, so this would be his last Northland lecture”

Andy Goyke - Biology

“His lectures about microeconomics are inspiring so I'd love to hear him talk about life in general”

Dick Joyal - Business

“He has helped a countless number of students throughout their 4 years and beyond to not only learn but to apply everything he taught in real life work environments. He is a fantastic professor and I would love to have him as the last lecture speaker”

“After his many years of devotion to the school, and helping students succeed I feel he will be a great choice to represent the student body as speaker for the last lecture.”

Robin Kemkes - Economics

“Robin is a new professor to Northland who brings a plethora of knowledge and enthusiasm. She is a great speaker, and one who is committed to our mission here at Northland of sustainability and environmental justice.”

Young Kim - Math

“He has been such a pivotal professor in what I have learned during my time here at Northland. Although I am one of the few who have had the opportunity to see him and learn from him regularly, Young has such a wise soul. Mathematics is a very underestimated career path in this day and age.”

Randy Lehr - Natural Resources

“Because Randy is cool”

John Martin - Forestry

“Because... he... is... John.. MARTIN!!”

“Professor Martin is such a great speaker and there is so much knowledge he holds that he does not have time to share in class!”

“He has realistic and clear explanations of big ideas that will impact our world in the near future. He genuinely cares about the learning of his students, teaching and testing on realistic information and skills that will be applicable in any field you choose. His research is interesting, and he utilizes it to motivate students by giving it as some of the current examples science in the field he teaches in. He makes the people around him appreciate every day, inspiring creativity and teaching life lessons when you least expect them.”

“Jon is very passionate about trees, academics, and life! His classes are fun and his personality always shines through. He has had many life experiences (and photographs!) that he shared with us, which are entertaining, inspiring, and leaving me wanting to hear more about his life! He epitomizes the spirit of Northland with his laid back attitude and love for everything outdoors. His skill with the chainsaw makes him a true Northland College lumberjack. I'm very grateful to him for reviving the forestry program here at Northland. He's a funny dude and I wouldn't want to miss his last lecture for anything, even if that means I come back years from now to listen to him. #voteforJMar2016”

Derek Ogle - Math

“Dr. Ogle has done more for my growth as a student than any other single person at Northland. He has taught me the essentials and given me the drive to go out and find what I want to do.”

Erik Olson - Natural Resources

“Of all the professors I've had in my time at Northland, Professor Olson has incorporated the most disciplines into his teachings. He encourages students to think broadly about issues works to provide students with hands on learning experiences that allow them to make professional connections. Beyond his teaching, Professor Olson shows a genuine concern for his students, challenging them to reach their fullest potential while also supporting them however he can.”

Clayton Russell - OED

“Clayton can relate any lecture to the big picture or global issues. After leaving his class I always think about our discussions for hours and days later. He also has positive vibes all the time that are felt in his lectures.”

David Saetre - Religion

“Seeing as this is the first year in a while that David won't be giving an address to the senior class, I (very selfishly) would love to hear whatever he wants to contribute in the form of a last lecture. Honestly, he is the best public speaker this college has.”

“David is a spectacular orator, who has a beautiful gift at conveying complex and nuanced thoughts through extraordinarily moving prose. David has a lot of knowledge to offer--which he's able to frame through culturally relevant issues (for example, his piece on Islamophobia on MLK Day)--and also a deep understanding of the necessity of social justice and the importance of channeling love and care into our lives. I think he has a tremendous amount of wisdom to offer, and can deftly offer said wisdom in fresh and non-patronizing ways. Additionally, he plans to retire soon, and it would be wonderful to hear him give this year's last lecture.”

Kevin Schanning - Sociology

“Kevin is one of the most involved and committed professors on this campus. He ALWAYS goes the extra mile to be available to students. Kevin has so much on his plate to begin with, but he is very approachable and helpful to student organizations. He is a great advocate for students and an amazing professor. One of my greatest regrets about my time at Northland is that I was not able to take more of his classes.”

Paul Schue - History

“As a Professor, Paul Schue has enhanced many students times spent at Northland College. Instead of simply giving names and dates to memorize, Professor Schue gives cultural details and an inside look into the society at the time and how we relate to the subject today. His lessons are extremely valuable in helping students from all aspects of a Liberal Arts college become better students and individuals in the community. As the last lecture of the academic year, and final for graduates, Professor Schue would be able to give students one final lesson to leave us with before we are leaving for the break, or one last piece of advice as we move onto the next step of our lives.”

“Out of all professors I have encountered, Paul is one of the most engaging, comprehensive, and passionate lecturers I think of. I believe he would be a very impactful and memorable speaker.”

Michelle Small - English and Modern Language

“Michele is an incredible woman and an amazing professor who is endlessly dedicated to her students' education. She'd be great!”

Angela Stroud - Sociology

“She teaches with such a passion.”

“She is an a m a z i n g person, as well as extremely passionate and knowledgeable in her field.”

Brian Tochterman - SCD

“He's just so great and gives lovely presentations”


NCSA Winter Election Results!

NCSA is pleased to welcome the following students to the NCSA senate based on the elections held last Monday. Thank you to all who voted and to those who ran for positions!

Academic Council Representative - Claire Rupnow

Alumni Board Representative - Bijit Khadka

McMillan Senator - Alec Drachenberg

MELLC Senator - Jake Oster

Memorial Senator - Jane Dahlgren

Off Campus Senators - Becca Flesh & Harrison Lucas

Planning Council Representative - Emily Donaldson

Complete election results are posted on the NCSA office door.  

Just a reminder - The elections for NCSA president, vice president, and student trustee will be held February 12th. Petitions for these positions are available now and can be found on the NCSA bulletin board and website.