forestry club

Northland College Forestry Club is open to any and all majors! Join us for local trips and meet people involved in the many applications of forestry. Our biggest events of the year are our tree climbing and chainsaw operating certification courses! We also volunteer in the local community to clear trails, treat and remove invasive species, assist the Bayfield Regional Conservancy with projects, and grow our forestry skills in other ways. Join us in the fun!

student art league

climbing club

Climbing is a great sport for anyone who is in search of a fun outdoor community. Many people who have a latent lust for climbing struggle to obtain the necessary equipment, join a climbing centric community, and safely overcome the fear associated with the sport.

Climbing Club is a community on campus that breaks those barriers, so anyone can learn to climb, build new relationships around the sport, and have fun in the craggy sun. If you have any interest in climbing, head to the climbing wall in our campus fitness center. There you will find a fun, inclusive community that is all about introducing newcomers to the beautiful pastime of rock-loving. Climb on!

native American student association

NASA's mission statement: To raise awareness and understanding of Native and Indigenous cultures by facilitating engaging and cultural activities for the local community. We strive to create activities for the local community. We strive to create spaces where people can ask questions, share experiences, and be exposed to new things.
For more information and events visit NASA's Facebook page at


The Alliance at Northland College is an LGBTQ2IA+ inclusive organization that strives to provide a safe space for edcuation, communication, and community to Northland College students and their peers. 

The Alliance works to educate Northland College and the surrounding community, through personal interactions and knowledge on topics regarding the LGBTQ2IA+ community and the values extending beyond the community.

Check out their facebook page at:

the wildlife society (TWS)

.Northland College’s The Wildlife Society (TWS) Chapter is an organization dedicated to educating, inspiring, and networking students within the natural resources field. They participate in wildlife-based research and field techniques training; as well as bring quest speakers to talk about their careers within natural resources and attend conferences. All of this is focused on making students more informed and competitive within the wildlife ecology career field.

Student athletic council (SAAC)

SAAC's purpose on campus is to be the liaison between athletics and the student body and act as the voice for our schools sports teams in the UMAC conference. They focus on hosting events, helping out with groups on campus and brainstorm different ways to incorporate athletics into Northlands Overall goals.

SAAC is also heavily involved in: the haunted ravine, Fall Festival, Alliance Drag Show, dodgeball and volleyball tournaments, UMAC meetings, this years athlete potluck dinner.

 Learn more about SAAC and Northland athletics at

Nordic ski club

Founded in 2009, the Northland Nordic Club aims to provide cross country skiing opportunities to the Northland College community. There are two aspects to the club: recreational and competitive. Ski outings, lessons, and wax sessions are a large part of their regimen. Some members decide to do ski races throughout the Northwoods, including the American Birkenbeiner.

The club gets together weekly to travel to different areas in the Northwoods to classic or skate ski. They aim to serve a wide range of talents and experience levels – from expert to beginner. 

What is important is that they get skiiers, old and new, outside together on the snow!

multicultural club

American indian science and engineering society (AISES)

AISES offers a universe of opportunities to our Northland students in all science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) studies and careers! Our students choose to move fiercely forward in their educational journeys by learning and acquiring new skills that will help them in meeting the ever-changing STEM needs of our communities.

At AISES, we invest more than just scholarship support into our students; we are investing confidence, trust and a large community of support and encouragement for our students. Year after year, AISES scholars bring potential and limitless possibilities for the future of STEM, each working towards advancing his or her opportunities in STEM career fields.

Among our current and past scholarship programs, sponsors have included Chevron, Boeing, Intel, Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway, Navy Civilian Careers and many others.

environmental council

sailing club

Northland College Sailing Club’s mission is to strengthen the connection between Northland College students, Lake Superior, and the surrounding sailing community. By working closely with local sailing organizations, teams, and groups, NCSC provides access to and facilitates a variety of sailing activities, events, and races that allow people of all experience levels and abilities to build skills that will support them throughout their lifetimes. We hope to spark a passion for both sailing and the outdoors that will add depth and meaning during our members' time at Northland College.

For more information and to get involved check out Sailing Club's Facebook page at

the fourth wall

Fourth Wall is a newly revitalized NCSA recognized club aiming to increase the amount of performance arts on campus, for participation as well as observing. They plan on producing two performances each year - ranging from plays to musicals to talent shows or cabarets.

Fourth Wall also works with the local theater, CTA to collaborate with volunteer work, general knowledge, and actors. They welcome all performers as well as stage-hands and techies!

northland college fire crew

weather club

The Northland chapter of the National Weather Association and American Meteorological Society (NWA/AMS) Weather Club serves as Northland’s on-campus weather organization, working to make the community better aware of local weather. They run the Northland College Student Forecasting Team and provide studio broadcasted weather forecasts, courtesy of our Meteorology Lab’s green screen. Members strive to educate the local community about weather hazards and safety by sponsoring the annual Skywarn class during their annual Weather Week. Weather Club volunteers also support the annual Book Across the Bay event by providing up to date weather information and an hourly forecast for the race, as well as keeping active in the community through Faith in Action.
Check out the Northland Lumberjack Forecast Facebook Page! (

American fisheries society (AFS)